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Keep track of your own amazing adventures with Geno's calendars. My new calendars start January, 2008, though custom options are available on request. You will feel like you are with Geno as he scuba dives, goes sailing on a tall-ship, makes an expedition to Mount Everest or enjoys many other extreme sports in his travels. There are also bulk discounts available.


Dates on the calendars can have your notes or pictures.

What a swell stocking stuffer!


Item 100 Standard 2008 Calendar $28




Videos? Did someone say videos? We have all sorts of DVD's. All rated "G" for Geno's Place.


Yes, I Can! is a 3 minute music video on DVD featuring music by award winning musician Jeff Moyer, who is blind, and pictures and video of “Geno”, a C-5 quadriplegic enjoying extreme sports and recreation in 13 countries on 6 continents. Not pictured.

Item 200 Yes, I Can! DVD $10


Geno’s Place I : Sailing options for people with disabilities, including sailing on a wheelchair accessible tall-ship, a custom built sailboat and a catamaran. Also included are ADL (Activities of Daily Living) suggestions for quadriplegics as well as some humorous antidotes. Time: 30 minutes. Item 300 Geno’s Place I Sailing DVD $20

Geno’s Place II : Sky sports for people who are 'just a little bit different'. It includes parasailing in New Zealand, sky diving in the US, and paragliding in the Swiss Alps. Also included are a few fun snippets including the ever popular “Quad Father”. Also on this DVD is “Yes, I Can!”. Time: 34 minutes. Item 400 Geno’s Place II Sky Sports DVD $20


Geno’s Place III : Scuba Diving includes interviews with adaptive diving instructors as well as video of Geno, a C-5 quadriplegic, diving. Learn where to get more information on adaptive diving and how to communicate underwater. Included are a few fun snippets such as “The Quad Father” and “The Wanderer”. Time: 31 minutes. Item 500 Geno’s Place III Scuba Diving DVD $20



Puzzle A, hanging from a cliff. B, paragliding over Swiss Alps.

Geno's Place even carries puzzles, either 30 or 110 piece count. Standard sizes such as 8 x 10 inches are available. Each puzzle has my web address on it so folks can refer to my web page when the puzzle is finished. This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Puzzle C, dangling from a ship's mast

                   ASSEMBLED PUZZLE                                             HANDY CARRYING TIN            

If you would like a challenging 130 piece die cut puzzle that is 11 x 14 inches when finished, with an attractive tin to hold all the pieces, I have that as well. Each puzzle has a title and my web address on it so once the puzzle is assembled you can go to my web page and read the story behind the picture. Are these cool or what? Get them while they last!


Available pictures include (A) Hanging from a cliff, (B) Paragliding over the Swiss Alps or (C) Dangling from a tall-ship’s mast.

Please indicate Picture A, B, or C in your order.

What, no posters? Of course we have posters. Tell me which picture from my web page that you would like to see made in a poster. I can also add captions or quotes to the posters.

So, how much?

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We have all sorts of mugs. I prefer the 15 oz. mugs. You can order a variety of patterns ranging from 1 to 10 pictures per cup. You can also order by theme; sports such as scuba diving or sky diving, traveling either in a particular country or pictures from around the world.

These are great inspirational gifts for the extreme athlete with a disability and perfect for OTs and PTs.

I also do public speaking. Send an email to me with your inquiry.

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