South Africa

Table Mountain

December 2007

One of Cape Town's many attractions is Table Mountain. See It offers magnificent views.

The best views of Cape Town are seen from the top of Table Mountain. The Cableway takes you to the summit in under 10 minutes and the cable car's rotating floor (way cool) ensure that all passengers get a 360 degree aerial view of the city.

My favorite view is of Joni. She can't keep her hands off me. Who can blame her?

We were up above the clouds; an eerie view.

In addition to Table Mountain, another famous landmark/activity in Cape Town is the Robben Island Ferry. Joni got tickets for us in advance. We were waiting for the ferry, right on time. Just when we were suppose to board the ferry, we heard an announcement that it was cancelled due to technical difficulties. It was not possible to schedule a later ferry so we wandered around the Waterfront and into a Model Ship shop. I have a fascination for tall-ships and all things nautical so this shop provided an amusing diversion. Cape Town would never exist as it does today if it weren't for intrepid explorers and sailors. Cape Town was originally developed as a victualling station for Dutch ships sailing to Eastern Africa, India, and the Far East more than 200 years before the construction of the Suez Canal in 1869. It was a time when ships were made of wood and men were made of iron. I have sailed on tall-ships and thought it about time I buy a sextant. They had sextants already packed, ready to purchase. So I bought one and brought it home. When I opened it, I found it all in pieces. I emailed the company but they never responded.

That's Laurence, above, with four of South Africa's most famous men. Can you name them? After Laurence and I went shopping at the Waterfront, we were joined by Joni and Carl for lunch. I had to laugh at the crayfish sign. When I was a kid we caught crayfish in the local pond. Those crayfish were no more than 3 inches long. The crayfish on this sign looked like a lobster.

We were sad to say good-bye to Joni and Carl. They are good friends and gracious hosts. Joni dropped us off at the Cape Town airport so we could fly to Johannesberg, and then on to the next leg of our trip - a real African safari.

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