South Africa

London - Prologue

December 2007

One of Life’s lessons is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks. We were scheduled to fly from Austin, TX to Washington DC, then on to Cape Town, South Africa. However, we missed our connecting flight from Washington DC. The airline said they could get us out on the following day, same time as originally scheduled – 5:20pm. Fortunately I studied various flight options to Cape Town before I left Austin. I said, “No, this won’t work for us. Get us out on a flight to Heathrow/London then on to Cape Town. After much investigation and discussion we got them to fly us to London then on to Cape Town. Unfortunately, our luggage took a different route and we were without it for 3 days.

While in London, we caught a cab to “The Eye”. It cost $280 for round trip taxi from Heathrow/London Airport to the “Eye”. Time is more precious than money so I bit the bullet and paid this “expensive” fare. The cabs are ALL wheelchair accessible! I love it. We ate a Wild Boar burger then got in line for “The Eye”. The "Eye" was fully wheelchair accessible.

After eating a wild boar burger, and riding the "Eye" for half an hour, we went to the Sherlock Holmes pub for Fish-and-Chips as well as a pint of Guinness. Then we caught a cab back to the airport. These cabs have all been wheelchair accessible since 2000.


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