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The Gene and Dave Show seeks to provide a glimpse into the lives and lifestyles of people with disabilities through an entertainment, interview and information format; something we call Infotainment. We broadcast our show on Channel Austin TV. We caption, then archive our TV shows on the web. I'm proud to say our web page has been accessed by people in 41 different countries. Visit us at

Telly award



Our TV/Web show won a 2011 Telly

The Telly Awards is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions, and web commercials, videos and films.











We also won a Media award from the Austin Mayor's Committee for People With Disabilities. Working with the design team of Trademark Media, my co-host Dave Dauber and I won AIR 2009 first place in the accessible web page design competition, sponsored by The award of which I'm most proud is the Dewey (see below). That was when I had my "Geno's Place" show on public access TV. The other awards came after I created "The Gene and Dave Show". I was also recently informed that I won 1st prize under conceptual scripts in a NCPAD video contest. See my "Getting Enough Recreation" video. This is award number 5, for you mathletes keeping score at home.

Dewey Winburne Honoree

I became a 2008 Dewey Winburne Honoree at the SXSW International Interactive Conference held in Austin, Texas. The award is for using technology to provide a community service. The text of my nomination reads as follows:

Gene Rodgers is a living example of a person using his lifestyle and multiple technologies to change the way people with disabilities are perceived and ultimately equitably treated. His use of websites, self-produced video products that are shown on public access TV and private events and multimedia presentations on his amazing adventures have successfully shattered stereotypes for years. Gene also was a key advocate on HB2819, the Texas legislation mandating accessibility standards for state websites.

I was especially honored to have my good friend George Cummings present the award to me. George was one of the founders of the SXSW Conference back in 1994. Although George is a well known videographer, I didn't meet him at some video/technology event. I met George scuba diving. George and I did a 100 foot wreck dive. George even contributed most of the underwater video I have on my Geno's Place III Scuba Diving DVD (See my store).

Dewey Award


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