Actual Lives

Actual Lives is a performance and writing program for adults with disabilities in Austin, Texas. Check out our web site. We have performed mostly in Austin, Texas but also in Georgetown, San Marcos, and Dallas, Texas. We have even performed in Washington D.C.

I think performing is in my blood. Ever since I was a kid people have been telling me I have the perfect face for radio.

To the left is a picture of Tanya and I in our make-up just before our performance in Dallas (10-28-06). This is only the second time I put on make-up. The first time I was young and needed the money. Sharon put the make-up on me. When I began to whimper she said, "Suck it up, be a man and put on your make-up."


This is Dave doing his Richard Simmons impersonation.


Here we are at the end of Good Cripple's Oath.


Adam performs Krishna, a spiritual piece.

Danny performs Special Shit while Sharon interprets.


Terri and Tanya perform Cripgyna Monologue.

Sharon, our interpreter, and I are performing Popcorn Predator.

Mike performs his famous Clothes and Mop Boy pieces. Clothes is a very funny piece while Mop Boy is a very serious piece. Mike does both equally well.


Ceci joins us to perform Happy Haven Nursing Home.


Terri's Panties piece is a classic and one of my favorites.



Tanya performs her Step Right Up routine.






Andy raps while Dave provides the beat.


The whole cast and Chris, our director, as well.



Here are a some status seekers, a couple of autograph hounds. They wouldn't leave me alone. That's Emily on the left and Leigh on the right.





A super big shout out thank you goes to our director - Dr. Chris Strickling, Celia Hughes - director of VSA arts of Texas, Cammie Stephan - our lighting and stage manager, and Walston Werner - president of the VSA Board. I'm sure I forgot some people - you know who you are - thanks to you as well.


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